How to Add Bookmark to your Documents in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word’s Bookmark feature lets you quickly find passages in long documents without having to scroll through large blocks of text or use the Find feature with words that may be interspersed in many places in the overall text. This feature can be useful when editing a passage that requires you to look at other places in the document to ensure text consistency. Following are instructions in how to add a bookmark in Microsoft Word 2003, 2007, and 2010, as well as how to show bookmark brackets, go to a bookmark, cross-reference a bookmark, and delete a bookmark.

STEP1: Select the place in the text you wish to bookmark. You can either highlight a block of text or click to place your cursor at the start of a paragraph.

STEP 2: Access the Bookmark feature. This displays the Bookmark dialog box.

In Word 2003, select “Bookmark” from the Insert menu.
In Word 2007 and 2010, select “Bookmark” from the Links group in the Insert menu ribbon.

STEP3: Name the bookmark. Bookmark names have to begin with a letter, but they may contain numbers. Spaces aren’t allowed, but you can separate words with an underscore (_), as in “Heading_1.”

STEP 4: Click the “Add” button. This creates your bookmark.

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