Graphics is like drama which is the imitation of reality. You can make your objects have shadow in coreldraw just like they do in real life.

Drop shadows simulate light falling on an object from one of five particular perspectives: flat, right, left, bottom, and top. You can add drop shadows to most objects or groups of objects, including artistic text, paragraph text, and bitmaps.

Drop shadows created in CorelDRAW are ideal for printed outputs, but are not appropriate for output to devices such as vinyl cutters and plotters. Cuttable shadows are needed for such projects. To add a cuttable shadow to an object, you need to duplicate the object, fill the duplicate with a dark color, and then place it behind the original object.

When you add a drop shadow, you can change its perspective, and you can adjust attributes such as color, opacity, fade level, angle, and feathering.To add drop down shadow. Go to the drop down shadow tool and make your shadow to any adnle of your choice. You can break the shadow from the real object by pressing ctrl K on your keyboard.