Career Opportunities / Options in Graphic Design

Logo Designer

After doing this course you can choose your career as a logo Designer. You can Join Any Company or you can work on freelance basis. Many logo designers freelance their services out and independently.

Art Director

The art director or creative director is in charge of team that produces art work for television, billboards, magazines or products.

Brand Identity Designer

Brand Identity Designer develops products and promo materials of the companies. A brand identity represents the company image. Designers choose the look, feel and use of particular items and brands.

Book Designer

Book Designers are responsible for creating book covers and all layout work in novels. Book designers are also in charge for the laying the images and text in a format that is satisfying to readers.

Technical Illustrator

Technical Illustrators conceptualize and create images, animated illustrations for TV commercials, movies and computer games.

  • Pre-press
  • Copy and digital centres
  • Design studios
  • Advertising agencies
  • Desktop publishing
  • Newspapers , education