Hello Everyone ! We will talk about how you can change the background of an image. The sounds magical, right? Don’t worry I will simplify the process for you . At the end  you will discover it is very easy to do.Guys! Let’s hit the ground running.

First you do is open an image . You can do this by simply pressing ctrl o on your keyboard and open your image from there.Then go to eraser tool and select background eraser tool

Then press ctrl J on windows or command J on mac to duplicate your image.

Then click on the new adjustment layer and choose solid color from the options.

Bring your adjustment layer down after the duplicated layer.

select your background eraser tool and start painting ,make sure your brush is moderately big.

At the top of your page there are some settings you need to note:

LIMITS; Discontigous, Contigous and Find Edges

Discontigous will paint anywhere, contigous will only paint areas align with the chosen color while Find Edges will paint only the edges.

Tolerance:Always set this at 50% but still depend on the work.

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