Hi everyone,

Today we will be drawing a square of 10×10 using Line Tool.

The line tool is the first tool on the Draw Panel on the upper left corner of your AutoCAD interface. This tool, you will use quite often in AutoCAD.

Draw Panel1.  Click on the Line Tool.

2.  Move to Drawing Area and select a starting point by clicking any point on the drawing area.

3.  From your starting point, move your cursor to the right and type 40, then press enter.Draw line 1

4.   Move your cursor downward, type 10 and press enter.

Draw line 25.  Move your cursor to the left, type 10 and press enter.

Draw line 3 6.  Without moving your cursor type C and press enter.

Draw line 5

When you type C and Enter, what you simply ask the software to do is to close the loop from the present point to the starting point.

Drawing complete square


There, we have it. The above should be your end result. Yes, creating a square using Line Tool is that simple.

You know what is simpler? Drawing a square using Rectangle Tool.