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Today, I will like to expose you to how format and concert hard-drive storage.

Hard drive is a magnetic device that is fixed inside a computer and stores a very large amount of information. There are two mains types of hard drive device; we have internal and external hard drive devices.

Internal hard drive device is the one found inside the computer system. It is for storing data that are inputted into the computer system. Like your typing works, installed softwares, documents and so on. Note: it is permanent on the system. On the other hand, we have another set called external hard drive device. This is also used for storing data… that is why both are called hard drive storage device. Note: the external type is not permanent both temporary.

At times while inserting your external hard drive storage device into some computer systems, it may be affected by virus. At times, it may not even be affected by virus but you discover it is performance is slow. And you have been thinking about upgrading it to new version. It might not have been affected with virus but you want your device to be empty as new. Maybe you want to copy documents or files whose size is much. That is the main reason for this article.

To format and convert your hard drive storage device follow the steps below:

How to format

  1. Insert your external storage device into your computer system either via Universal Serial Bus (USB) Port or HDMI Port.
  2. Open my computer by either clicking on my computer and select “My Computer” or you use shortcut by pressing and holding windows key and click letter E key.

step-13. Right click it.

step-44. Scroll down to format and click on it.

5. A pop up page will appear, click on Start. It will ask for confirmation. Just click OK.




Note: once it is done, the system will notify you. Then your device is empty, fresh as new.


In part two, I will teach you how to convert or upgrade your external storage device.

Your questions are highly welcome.