Watermark is one of the features of Microsoft Word.

You would have been seeing some under background wordings or pictures in some documents. You as well can do this with the help of watermarks.

The question is, how do you go about it?

It is so simple. Kindly follow these steps:

  1. Open your Microsoft Word.


2. Click on page Layout.

3. Click on Watermark.


Note: you can select out of the default ones there. Like “confidential”, “do not copy”. But you are not restricted to these once. You can customize yours by clicking on custom watermark. I guess you have seen that in yours?

Once you have clicked on that, then you can select either picture watermark or text watermark. Then, type in or select the picture you wish to use depending on your choice. Do not forget to click on ok immediately you are done. Once this pop up closes, then save your typed work.


In Summary:

If you’re sending an important document or draft sample, you want to be able to protect your content without having to edit much of it. Insert a watermark specific to your objectives via the page layout button. You can also customize your own watermark, and also insert your own picture. This feature is great for inserting your brand logo in reports or any other official document.

With these, you can have you watermark on your typed work.