Hello guys! I am Charles. I know this topic is one of the basic things every aspiring programmer should know. Of course while designing your site ,you ought to know that css files should be kept apart from your html file. Now how do you allow your css to have impart on your html page? Simple, just link your css to your hmtl file. How do you do that. Okay on your pc create a folder,name it anything you want. Go to your text editor;in my case I intend using sublime.Then type your HTML code.From your text editor click save as and save your HTML file in the folder you created earlier. Save your HTML files as the the name of the file .css. E.g money.htmlas my file as extention and then save as all files. Open another page From your text editor again ,follow the steps above but your file extention should be .CSS. NOW it is time to link your css file to your html file. Go to your head tag and add a link tag to it as shown below



<link rel=’stylesheet’ type=’text/css’ href=’charles.css’



Guys that is it, very simple.Thank you

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