Ok guys, you want to open an image in photoshop and you are wondering how? Well relax and take a sip from your glass water ; lets do this very fast.

To open an image go to the file menu and click Open

While you want to select more than one image ;you can either select adjacent images or non-adjacent images.

Opening Adjacent Images:Adjacent images simply mean images that are arranged serially or images that are next to each other. For instance you have about 6 images that are adjacent to each and you want to open them all:

1.Go to File Menu and click Open

2.Select the first image and hold down the SHIFT key and click on the last image.

N.B: Press CTRL O to oprn an image

Opening Non-Adjacent Images:Non Adjacent images mean that they are not in line with each other. For instance you have about seven images on your PC and you want to select and open just two.

1.Go to file Menu and Click Open

2.Select the first image of your choice and hold down the ctrl key and click any other ones you wish to open and open the image.

That is it guys !