In the following practice we will be replicating this 3D image below of a casted block using AutoCAD 2016.


The task will be achieved by using the following modeling, modifying & solid editing tools;

1) Box
2) Wedge

3) Fillet

4) Chamfer

5) Solid Union

6) Solid Subtract


1. Open AutoCAD application on your system

AutoCADĀ  Application 2016 Icon on desktop

2. Start a new AutoCAD file
Dialogue Box containing 2d & 3D
Create New file Icon
drawing templates


3. Set your units to millimeters

Type un and press enter, the dialogue box will come up for you to set your unit.

Drawing Unit Dialogue box

4. Save the new file in your preferred location on your system and give it a file name

Save Icon Save file Dialogue box


5. Select Box tool under the Home Tab in the Modeling Panel and enter value for breadth and length as (30,60)

Box Tool