PowerPoint supports the insertion of special characters. This allows the users to adjust the font characteristics of these characters just like any other text giving them greater flexibility in terms of the presentation design. The following steps will help you insert special characters.

Step 1 − In the Insert Tab, under the Symbols group, click on the Symbol command.

Step 2 − In the Symbol dialog, select one of the special characters you want to insert in the presentation.

Step 3 − If you cannot find the character you are looking for, you can change the font subset from the dropdown and look at a new set of characters.

Step 4 − If you know the character code of the symbol, you can enter it in the Character Code field and search for it.

Step 5 − To insert a character, you can either double-click on it in the Symbol dialog or, select it and press the Insert button.

Step 6 − The Symbol dialog does not disappear after you insert a character, which means you can add as many characters as you want from this dialog.

Step 7 − Once you are done, you can click Close to close the dialog