Simplified Coding for Kids

It’s exciting and simplified to the basics, with courses from web design, web development to animations and mobile app development

Summer Coding For Teens

Summer Coding classes is designed for teenagers to keep them busy and sharp during the holidays

Coding Teens

Coding Teens is a program created by Megatek ICT Academy to help Nigeria’s young minds.

It is primarily designed to propel our teenagers to be able to compete technologically with other European and Asian countries.

For kids between the Ages of 9 through 12, we have a simplified coding for them to help warm them before they get to the next stage of their coding careers.

Their activities are going to be fun but yet educative with projects to keep them busy.

For kids between the ages of 13 through 16, we are going to start grooming them into intermediate coders where they willl be introduced to the aspects of basic and raw coding.

Their activites are going to be more intense but still have room for fun in between and their projects are going to be graded and implemented on a domain to be showcased to the whole world.

For Teens in this age brackets they are going to be expected to at least have prior knowledge of basic coding, and then they are bumped up to a level where they are introduced to the core aspect of programming.

Their activities are going to be extremely intense with little room for fun and their projects are going to be graded which if passed and meets the requirements they will be awarded a certificate


For Ages 13-16 and Ages 17-19

Web Development

For Age 17-19


Ages 17-19


Ages 13-16 and Ages 17- 19