Architectural designers create functional and practical spaces in urban and rural settings using many different materials. Modern architecture demands in-depth knowledge in mathematics, engineering, arts, science, and technology for designers to understand how structures work, the characteristics of materials and forms, and so on. The success of an architectural design is gauged from a building’s beauty, firmness, and utility. Architectural design involves the following core activities: sketching freehand or creating a preliminary design, schematic designing of laying out mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural, and architectural details, creating construction documents etc. Architectural designers use CAD to compile layouts, design conceptual elements, components and systems like windows, doors, interior partitions, floor finishes and complete entire design drawings.

Target Audience

Engineers, architects, draftsmen, designers, advertisers, interior designers or anyone interested in acquiring skills in AutoCAD or whose job depends on drawings or sketches to convey information or ideas


  1. What is a software architecture
  2. Components, Connectors, and Configurations
  3. Modeling Architectures: CORBA: IDL + Standards.
  4. Architectural Styles

Duration: 3 weeks


Batch A: 6th – 24th May

Fee:  110,000.00

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