Autocad Electrical

Course Overview

AutoCAD Electrical is a specialist CAD drafting application for electrical circuit design . AutoCAD  Electrical  course provides an overview of the application, teaching the use of key features for
professional 2D electrical design and drafting.


 Prospective students should have:
•  Good working of standard AutoCAD 2D
• An understanding of fundamental electrical
circuit design principles and terminology.

Course Objective:

At the end of this training, students will have proficient knowledge in the key functionality and
features available in AutoCAD Electrical
•  Building diagrams and panel layouts.
• Creating drawings of electrical circuits and controls.
• Managing and updating electrical drawings

Course Outline

Introduction to AutoCAD Electrical

  • Starting the Software
  • User Interface
  • Working with Commands
  • Workspace Settings
  • Project Manager Interface
  • Accessing Project Files
  • Managing Drawings in Projects

Schematics – Wires

  • Drawing Wires
  • Inserting Multiple Wire Bus
  • Trim Wire
  • Stretch Wire
  • Change / Convert Wire

Schematics – Components

  • Inserting Components
  • Catalog Assignment
  • Edit Component
  • Move Component
  • Copy Component
  • Scoot
  • Align
  • Delete Component
  • Multiple Insert

Parent/Child Components

  • Insert / Edit Child Components

Source & Destination Signal Arrows

  • Source Signal Arrow
  • Destination Signal Arrow

Wire Numbers

  • Wire Number Types
  • Copy Wire Numbers
  • Wire Number Position
  • Wire Leaders
  • Move Wire Number
  • Edit Wire Numbers


  • Insert / Edit Cable Markers
  • Fan In / Fan Out

Electrical Commands

  • Surfer Command
  • Attributes

Panel Drawings

  • Insert Footprint
  • Assign item Numbers
  • Balloons


  • Inserting Terminals
  • Inserting terminal Footprints


  • Inserting PLC
  • Inserting PLC using spreadsheets


  • Inserting Connectors
  • Edit Connectors
  • Insert Splices

Symbol Creation

  • Creating Custom Symbols
  • Customise the Icon Menu
  • AutoCAD Electrical Database
  • Catalog Database

Reporting Tools

  • Generating Reports
  • Electrical Audit

Settings and Templates

  • Project Properties
  • Drawing Properties
  • Template Settings

Drawing Update Tools

  • Project-Wide Update/Retag
  • Project-Wide utilities
  • Plot Project
  • Copy Project
  • Swap/Update Block



Weekdays: 3 weeks (2 days in a week)

Weekend: 3 Saturdays


Batch A: 6th – 24th May




Weekend classes also available for busy executives

Cost:   N100,000.00

Fill the form below or call 08033146625 to register for the next batch.


Course outline

Introduction to the course
Overview of AutoCAD Electrical
Overview of screen layout

Understanding project files
Creating a new project
WDF project files
Project Manager interface

Electrical schematic drawing
Wire numbering
Component tagging
Electrical control circuits
Schematic symbol libraries
Editing commands

Working with PLC symbols
Insert PLC (parametric)
Insert PLC (full units)
Insert Individual PLC I/O points
PLC based tagging
Spreadsheet to PLC I/O

Creating custom symbols
Creation of schematic symbols
Naming convention
Icon menu wizard
AutoCAD Electrical databases

Terminal plan drawing
Insert terminal symbol
Manipulation of the terminal plan
Multiple level terminals
Multiple insert component command
Insert jumpers
Terminal strip editor
DIN Rail command

Generating reports
Save an external file
Put on drawing
Configure report templates
Running automatic reports
Electrical audit