Autocad Plant 3D

Course Overview

This training covers many of the essential features of AutoCAD® Plant 3D. Students learn how to create 3D Piping Designs by placing steel structures, equipment, connecting equipment with pipelines, adding valves, reducers and pipe fittings. AutoCAD Plant 3D is used to create Piping and Instrumentation diagrams and design a 3D Plant model quickly. AutoCAD Plant 3D is the product of Autodesk. It was first released to help process and power industry in the year 2007. This software is designed to create Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams, and then design 3D Plant model based on the P&ID. AutoCAD Plant 3D is based on AutoCAD User-interface. However, the intelligent 2D/3D symbols and the connected Database are main features of this application. You can use this database to generate reports, create annotations, and so on. When you change the attributes of various symbols, the annotations are updated automatically. In AutoCAD Plant 3D, you create everything inside a project in order to make your design consistent

Course Objective

This course is intended for everyone that has a need for designing Plants and skids in 3D. This course can be followed by either draftsmen or process engineers who have the need to quickly generate 3D models of steel structures, equipment, piping routes, isometric- and orthographic drawings. After completing this course, students will be able to: Create simplified steel structures. Create and place equipment Connect equipment with pipe lines. Add inline components like valves, reducers and pipe fittings. Tag and annotate the piping and inline components. Create isometric drawings Create orthographic drawings Import and export data to Microsoft Excel. Validate the generated 3D Piping Design.


Before enrolling for this course, the student should be able to understand and know how to use the AutoCAD 2D and 3D environment. In-depth knowledge of Piping Design is not required but will be helpful. It is recommended that the student have a working knowledge of Microsoft® Windows® 7 or Windows 10

Course Outline:

  • New For AutoCAD
    • User Interface & Configuration Changes
    • Documentation and Design Enhancements
    • 3D Updates
    • Point Cloud Improvements
  • Introduction to AutoCAD Plant 3D
    • Starting AutoCAD Plant 3D
    • AutoCAD Plant 3D User Interface
    • Different Workspaces and Invoking Commands in AutoCAD Plant 3D
    • Tool Palettes and Dialog Boxes
    • Creating Backup Files and Closing a Drawing
    • Opening Drawings and Quitting Plant 3D
    • AutoCAD Plant 3D Help
  • Creating Projects and P&IDs
    • Introduction to Creating Projects and P&ID
    • Designing a P&ID
    • Validating the Drawing
    • Editing the Drawing
  • Creating Structures
    • Creating a Grid and Adding Members
    • Creating Stairs
    • Creating Railing
    • Creating a Ladder
    • Creating a Plate/Grate
    • Creating a Footing
    • Editing the Structural Members
    • Visibility Options
    • Exchanging Data with Other Applications
  • Creating Equipment
    • Creating Equipment in AutoCAD Plant 3D
    • Placing Equipment in the Drawing
    • Creating a Customized Equipment
    • Modifying Equipment
    • Converting Solid Models into Equipment
    • Attaching and Detaching Objects from Equipment
    • Adding Nozzles to Customized Equipment
    • Adding Nozzles to Converted Equipment
    • Modifying Nozzles
  • Adding Specifications and Catalogs
    • Getting Started with AutoCAD Plant 3D Spec Editor and Creating a New Spec File
    • Adding and Editing Spec Sheets
    • Adding to and Editing Specs
    • Working with the Catalog Editor
    • Modifying the Branch Table
  • Routing Pipes
    • Selecting a Spec and Working with the Spec Viewer
    • Routing a Pipe
    • Creating Branches, Weld Connections and Autodesk Connection Points
  • Adding Valves, Fittings and Pipe Supports
    • Adding Valves and Fittings in AutoCAD Plant 3D
    • Pipe Supports
    • Insulating a Pipe and Modifying the Pipe Components Using Grips
  • Creating Isometric Drawings
    • Isometric Drawings
    • Creating a Quick or Production Isometric Drawing
    • Placing Iso Messages and Annotations and Exporting a Component File
    • Configuring Isometric Drawing Settings
  • Creating Orthographic Drawings
    • Creating an Orthographic Drawing
    • Using Different Views in AutoCAD Plant 3D
  • Managing Data and Creating Reports
    • Finding the Data in a File
    • Working with the Data Manager and Report Creator in AutoCAD Plant 3D



Weekdays: 3 weeks (2 days in a week) Weekend: 3 Saturdays


Batch A: 6th – 24th May

Weekend classes also available for busy executives

Cost:   N90,000.00

Fill the form below or call 08033146625 to register for the next batch.