This CompTIA Security+ course will show you to harden, protect and enhance your network to where it would lessen the possibility of a bridge in security and allow you to recover your network promptly.  


The course will also prepare the student to take and pass the Security+ certification.For those already in the field, this Security+ course will enhance your knowledge of security within your network.


Those taking this course will become familiar with the terminology for this certification and will allow the student to implement security features.


Target Audience


  • Anyone that wants to acquire the CompTIA Security+ certification.
  • Anyone that wants to supplement their knowledge of Security+ in the workplace.
  •  Anyone in a management position that would like to enhance security in their workplace.


Course Content


  • Introduction to the Security + Course
  • Risk Assessment
  • Understanding the Guidelines and Standards of Networking
  • Actively Monitoring and Servicing your Network
  • Tools an Services to Secure your Network
  • The TCP/IP Suite and it’s Protocols
  • Networks
  • Access Control, Authentication and Authorization
  • Protecting Wireless Networks
  • Working with Cloud Computing and Virtualization
  • Security
  • Malware vulnerabilities and Threats
  • Summary of the ENTIRE Course

Course Outline

Module 1 –  Topologies and Infrastructure

  • Topologies and the OSI Model
  • Ethernet
  • Hubs, Bridges and Switches
  • Infrastructure and Design

 Module 2 – Addressing and Routing

  • Internet Protocol
  • IPv4 Addressing
  • DHCP and APIPA
  • IPv6 Addressing
  • Routing

Module 3 – Troubleshooting and Management

  • Transport Protocols
  • Name Resolution
  • Troubleshooting
  • Application and Services
  • Management and Monitoring
  • Cloud and Virtualization

Module 4 – Installation

  • Network Sites
  • Installing Cable
  • Installing Wireless Networks
  • WAN Technologies
  • Remote Access


Module 5 – Security

  • Vulnerabilities and Threats
  • Security Appliances
  • Authentication
  • Incident Response
  • Change and Configuration Management


Duration: 2 weeks



Batch A: 6th – 17th May


Fee:   60,000.00

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