Desktop Publishing

Desktop publishing (DTP) is a system or process for designing, editing, and producing camera-ready documents, as newsletters, brochures, or magazines, using a desktop computer, special software, and a laser printer, rather than using conventional printing methods.

Desktop publishing is a much in demand ability that is used by anyone doing it themselves, or for large corporations who are constantly in need of documents and marketing material. Publishing from the desktop involves anything done on a computer that prepares a document from start to finish.

Desktop publishing training is essential for any person, or business employing people, with the goal of publishing their own material. Desktop publishing training will detail the interface of personal computers and page layout software that will assist students in creating material that is complementary to the business or the individual and which covers all the necessary information without becoming too crowded.

Desktop publishing will allow you to use the computer, along with a variety of software, to create visual displays of information and ideas. Depending upon where you are employed, your desktop publishing documents may be used for electronic distribution, for desktop printing, or for commercial printing. You may find yourself working with email newsletters, blogs, ebooks, the internet, PDF files, designing websites, or slide shows. It is also likely that you will be working with a variety of publishing platforms to accommodate for venues such as tablets and smartphones. Your career starts with a desktop publishing course from an accredited school.

Course Description

This course provides skill development in one of the fastest growing technology based industries, graphic design and prepress. Students will learn electronic procedures of designing/producing and editing publications using industry standard software (Adobe Creative Suite) and processes.

Course Outline

  • Desktop publishing terminology
  • Creating, importing, and manipulating graphics
  • Creating and manipulating text
  • Formatting paragraphs, tables, and lists
  • Enhancing documents through special effects
  • Creating and using templates
  • Using color effectively
  • Import text from other software
  • Create, edit, and print long documents including supporting pages
  • Effective design and layout rules used in publication industry
  • Scanning and importing graphics
  • Format page layout utilizing master pages tool

Duration: 4 weeks


Batch A: 6th – 31st March

Fee:   60,000.00

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