Information Technology

Information Technology Training is specific to the Information Technology (IT) industry, or to the skills necessary for performing information technology jobs. IT training includes courses related to the application, design, development, implementation, support or management of computer-based information systems.


Information is central to our lives especially in our contemporary world, as advances in technology have made it most accessible and available in various forms and through various media. Its acquisition, design, manipulation, retrieval, transmission, storage, management and preservation have therefore been given maximum attention by governments, organisations and centres of authority.


Information Technology courses are an excellent choice to help advance your career. Whether you are seeking professional development, new skills, or a new career, information technology courses can help you become a more competitive and valuable employee with important skills. There are academic institutions located around the world offering information technology courses through programs that include online and classroom education.


Information technology courses cover a wide range of topics but some themes include software applications, hardware, programming, security, business applications, design, artificial intelligence, databases, medical records, and others.




  • To train students in information management using modern technology, instilling in them the capacity to apply it to solving problems and improving the activities of organisation and institutions.
  • To prepare students for advanced studies in Information Technology and/or it’s related field.
  • To produce experts in IT who will be charged with the responsibility for selecting hardware and software products appropriate for an organisation, integrating those products with organisational needs and infrastructure.


Duration: 2 weeks



Batch A: 6th – 17th May



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