Orion structural design software is an easy to use design software with a friendly GUI (graphical user interface). To enhance your analysis and design expertise using orion, Orion Network is a scalable, easy to use, cost effective monitoring system that provides a complete overview of network environment by monitoring performance and availability. Orion enables you to be proactive in detecting, diagnosing, and resolving network issues.

Course Objective

This course is intended for engineers and anyone who is interested in design software. This course can be followed by either draftsmen or process engineers who have the need to quickly generate design models. After completing this course, students will be able to:model a structure, design flats slab analysis, calculation of bending moment, deflection and many more.


  • Modelling a structure.
  • Drafting out a structural design for a building.
  • loading analysis.
  • Analysis, design and detailing of slab, column, beam, shear wall.
  • Foundation design of building structures.
  • Flat slab analysis and design.
  • Calculation of bending moment, deflection, shear force of a structural member.
  • handling complex geometry.
  • Handling changes in a structural design.
  • producing a well detailed structural drawing  for presentation.
  • Revit integration e.t.c.

Duration: 2 weeks


Batch A: 9th – 19th April

Fee: 85,000.00

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