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Cisco CCIE Enterprise Certification Practice Test Questions, Cisco CCIE Enterprise Exam Practice Test Questions

Want to prepare by using Cisco CCIE Enterprise certification exam practice test questions efficiently. 100% actual Cisco CCIE Enterprise practice test questions and answers, study guide and training course from Exam-Labs provide a complete solution to pass. Cisco CCIE Enterprise exam practice test questions and answers in VCE Format make it convenient to experience the actual test before you take the real exam. Pass with Cisco CCIE Enterprise certification practice test questions and answers with Exam-Labs VCE files.

Cisco CCIE Enterprise is one of the most popular pathways the vendor can offer its students. It comes with two options, Wireless and Infrastructure, which are developed for the experts in the field. If you are able to earn one of them, you put yourself in the top tier of the network engineers.

Prerequisites for Obtaining Cisco CCIE Enterprise Certification

Besides the fact that this is an expert-level certification track, there are no formal prerequisites for getting Cisco CCIE Enterprise. You don’t need to have some certificates of the lower levels, but possessing about 5-7 years of experience working with networking technologies will definitely help you pass the prerequisite exams. As for the tests, the candidates are required to choose one of the paths – Wireless or Infrastructure – and then take two exams. One of them is a written test (which is the same for both CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure and CCIE Enterprise Wireless) and the other is an 8-hour lab exam (which is individual for these expert-level certifications). The students have 18 months to take the lab option after they had aced the written one.

Written Exam for Cisco CCIE Enterprise Certification

The written test for the Cisco CCIE Enterprise path is known under the codename 350-401 ENCOR. The exam will offer you 120 minutes to answer the questions of various formats. Cisco doesn’t reveal the exact number of questions that will appear in this test as well as the passing score that the candidates need to reach. That is why it is so important that you study every single topic carefully before your exam date. To develop a good grasp of the networking concepts, you can go for the official training course “Implementing Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies (ENCOR)” offered by Cisco on the certification webpage. Once you explored all the domains, you can proceed with scheduling your test. Cisco 350-401 is delivered in the English and Japanese languages via the Pearson VUE platform, the official testing partner of this vendor.

Detailed Overview of Cisco 350-401 Exam Topics

The questions that you will have to answer in the Cisco 350-401 exam revolve around the following objectives:

  • Automation (15%). This domain includes the following skills: interpreting fundamental Python elements and scripts; designing a proper JSON encoded file; explaining the principles and advantages of the YANG data modeling language; explaining Cisco vManage and Cisco DNA Center APIs; interpreting REST API response codes as well as results within payload with the help of RESTCONF and Cisco DNA Center; designing EEM applet for automating data collection, configuration, or troubleshooting; distinguishing agent vs. agentless orchestration tools, including Chef, Ansible, Puppet, SaltStack.
  • Network Assurance (10%). This topic encompasses questions that check the candidates’ ability to diagnose network problems with the help of tools, such as debugs, trace route, ping, conditional debugs, syslog, and SNMP and; customize and verify device monitoring with the help of remote logging syslog; customize and verify NetFlow as well as Flexible NetFlow; customize SPAN/RSPAN/ERSPAN; customize and verify IPSLA; explain Cisco DNA Center workflows to apply network management, configuration, and monitoring; customize and verify RESTCONF and NETCONF.
  • Architecture (15%). Within this section, the examinees need to demonstrate that they are capable of explaining various design principles within an enterprise network; analyzing WLAN deployment design principles; distinguishing on-premises from Cloud infrastructure deployments; describing Cisco SD-WAN solution working principles; explaining Cisco SD-Access solution working principles; describing the principles of wired and wireless QoS (QoS policy, QoS components, etc.); distinguishing software and hardware switching mechanisms (MAC address table and TCAM, Process and CEF, FIB vs. RIB).
  • Virtualization (10%). This subject area evaluates one’s expertise in explaining device virtualization technologies (virtual machine, virtual switching, hypervisor type 1 and 2); customizing and verifying data path virtualization technologies (IPsec tunneling, VRF, GRE); explaining network virtualization principles (LISP, VXLAN).
  • Security (20%). In the framework of this area, the learners must show their competency in customizing and verifying device access control (lines and password protection, authentication, authorization with the help of AAA); customizing and verifying infrastructure security features (CoPPs, ACLs); explaining REST API security; customizing and verifying features of wireless security (PSK, EAP, WebAuth); describing the elements of network security design (endpoint security, threat defense, next-generation firewall, TrustSec, MACsec, network access control with 802.1X, MAB, and WebAuth).
  • Infrastructure (30%). The last objective combines the skills related to Layer 2 (in particular, troubleshooting dynamic and static 802.1q trunking protocols; troubleshooting dynamic and static EtherChannels; customizing common Spanning Tree Protocols); Layer 3 (in particular, distinguishing EIGRP routing concepts from OSPF; customizing simple OSPF environments; customizing eBGP between directly connected neighbors); wireless (in particular, explaining Layer 1 concepts; describing antenna types and AP modes; explaining access point discovery as well as join process; explaining Layer 3 and Layer 2 roaming key principles and use cases; troubleshooting WLAN wireless client connectivity issues and configuration); and IP Services (in particular, explaining Network Time Protocol; customizing and verifying PAT/ NAT; customizing first hop redundancy protocols, including HSRP and VRRP; explaining multicast protocols, including IGMP v2/v3 and PIM).

Career Benefits for Cisco CCIE Enterprise Certificate Holders

Once you obtain one of the CCIE Enterprise certifications, you can apply for many job roles. Some of the most prominent positions that you can pursue after getting certified include:

  • Network Engineer
  • Network Administrator
  • IT Manager
  • Network Planer
  • Network Architect
  • Technical Subject Matter Expert
  • IT Consultant

You will also be able to earn a much higher salary as compared to your colleagues. According to the latest reports from, the average income of a Network Engineer can be as high as $107,000 per annum, while the position of a Network Architect can give up to $154,000 per year. So, if you want to bring a positive change in your life and career, you need to get one of the expert-level certificates. By doing so, you will definitely open up a lot of new opportunities in your professional life.

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Cisco CCIE Enterprise Certification Exam Practice Test Questions, Cisco CCIE Enterprise Certification Practice Test Questions and Answers

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