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Cisco CCNP Data Center Certification Practice Test Questions, Cisco CCNP Data Center Exam Practice Test Questions

Want to prepare by using Cisco CCNP Data Center certification exam practice test questions efficiently. 100% actual Cisco CCNP Data Center practice test questions and answers, study guide and training course from Exam-Labs provide a complete solution to pass. Cisco CCNP Data Center exam practice test questions and answers in VCE Format make it convenient to experience the actual test before you take the real exam. Pass with Cisco CCNP Data Center certification practice test questions and answers with Exam-Labs VCE files.

The CCNP Data Center certification is designed to validate the skills and knowledge of the candidates in a variety of hardware and database concepts as well as technologies. It also verifies their competence in automation, Cloud, virtualization, and software-defined technologies. To obtain this certificate, one must pass two exams: core and concentration. Completing any concentration test also leads you to a Specialist certification.

Certification Requirements

The Cisco CCNP Data Center certification is designed for the professionals looking to take up the core job roles in complex data center environments. These specialists have expertise in using technologies, such as policy-driven infrastructure, automation and orchestration, data center security, virtualization, integration of Cloud initiatives, and unified computing.

This professional-level certification does not have any formal prerequisites. However, it is advised that the students possess at least three to five years of work experience in implementing data center solutions. Additionally, they should develop competency in the exam topics before sitting for the tests.

Exam Details

To earn the CCNP Data Center certification, the candidates have to pass two exams. The first is the core test, which is Cisco 350-601 (DCCOR). After acing this exam, the learners will be required to choose one concentration test from a list of five options, including Cisco 300-610 (DCID), Cisco 300-615 (DCIT), Cisco 300-620 (DCACI), Cisco 300-625 (DCSAN), and Cisco 300-635 (DCAUTO). The core exam lasts 2 hours and is designed to evaluate the expertise of the students in implementing the core data center technologies, which include network, storage network, compute, security, and automation. The concentration tests are 90 minutes each and measure one’s specific knowledge areas that are associated with the domains of the exam specialization. Each test is available in English, and to register for it, the applicants have to sign up with Pearson VUE, the official administrator of the Cisco exams.

Exam Topics

Each certification exam comes with a wide range of topics that any student should explore to succeed. The core test (350-601 DCCOR) covers 5 domains, which are as follows:

Network: 25%

  • Applying routing protocols, including PIM, MP-BGP, FHRP, as well as OSPFv2 & OSPFv3
  • Applying switching protocols, including vPC, LACP, and RSTP+
  • Applying overlay protocols, including OTV and VXLAN EVPN
  • Applying ACI concepts, including access policies, fabric setup, tenant policies, and VMM
  • Analyzing packet flow, including broadcast, unicast, and multicast
  • Analyzing Cloud service as well as deployment models
  • Explaining software updates and impacts, including EPLD, patches, and Disruptive/non-disruptive
  • Implementing the management of network configuration
  • Implementing infrastructure monitoring, including SPAN and NetFlow
  • Describing network assurance principles, including streaming telemetry

Compute: 25%

  • Implementing Cisco Unified Compute System Rack Servers
  • Implementing Cisco Unified Compute System Blade Chassis, including infrastructure management, initial setup, network management, storage management, and server management
  • Describing the concepts as well as benefits for HyperFlex Infrastructure, including Edge & Hybrid Architecture versus all-flash
  • Explaining software and firmware updates and effects on B-Series & C-Series servers
  • Implementing infrastructure monitoring and compute configuration management

Storage Network: 20%

  • Implementing Fibre Channel, including port channels, switch fabric initialization, CID, CFS, Zoning, FCNS, NPV & NPIV, Device alias, and VSAN
  • Implementing CoE Unified Fabric
  • Explaining NAS and NFS concepts
  • Explaining software updates as well as impacts
  • Implementing infrastructure monitoring

Automation: 15%

  • Implementing scripting tools and automation, including Scheduler, EEM, Bash Shell & Guest Shell for NX-OS, JSON & XML encodings, and REST API
  • Evaluating orchestration and automation technologies, including Ansible, Puppet, Python, UCSD, DCNM, POAP and PowerShell

Security: 15%

  • Applying network security, including ACI contracts & micro-segmentation, AAA & RBAC, First-hop security features, CoPP
  • Applying compute security, including AAA & RBAC, Keychain authentication
  • Applying storage security, including fabric binding, port security, and AAA & RBAC

After passing the core exam, you should sit for any concentration test. Let’s explore the topics of each exam from this category.

Passing the Cisco 300-610 test requires one’s proficiency in the domains highlighted below:

Network Design: 35%

  • Evaluating alternative for Layer 2 connectivity and Layer 3 connectivity
  • Evaluating data center technologies
  • Evaluating alternatives for device & routing virtualization and interconnecting data centers
  • Evaluating out-of-band and in-band alternatives for management
  • Evaluating redundancy alternatives

Compute Design: 25%

  • Evaluating alternatives for Ethernet connectivity and storage connectivity
  • Evaluating alternatives for network device virtualization within a data center
  • Evaluating alternatives for hyper-converged infrastructure

Storage Network Design: 20%

  • Planning for iSCSI deployment within a data center
  • Evaluating QoS prerequisites within a data center
  • Establishing Co End Fibre Channel interface
  • Evaluating SAN topology alternatives

Automation Design: 20%

  • Evaluating options for network automation and orchestration
  • Evaluating alternatives for compute automation and orchestration

To ace the Cisco 300-615 exam, the learners should have a solid understanding of the following areas:

Network: 25%

  • Troubleshooting routing protocols
  • Troubleshooting switching protocols and overlay protocols
  • Troubleshooting Application Centric Infrastructure

Compute Platforms: 25%

  • Troubleshooting Cisco Unified Computing System rack servers and Cisco Unified Computing System blade chassis
  • Troubleshooting packet flow from server to fabrics
  • Troubleshooting hardware interoperability
  • Troubleshooting firmware upgrades, interoperability, and packages

Storage Network: 15%

  • Troubleshooting Fibre Channel
  • Troubleshooting FCoE Cisco Unified Fabric

Automation: 15%

  • Troubleshooting scripting tools and automation
  • Troubleshooting programmability

Management and Operations: 20%

  • Troubleshooting firmware upgrades, interoperability, and packages
  • Troubleshooting integration of the centralized management
  • Troubleshooting network security and storage security

The subject areas covered in the Cisco 300-620 test are outlined below:

ACI Fabric Infrastructure: 20%

  • Explaining ACI Object Model, ACI topology and hardware, and ACI fabric discovery
  • Utilizing faults, audit log, and event record
  • Implementing ACI policies and ACI logical constructs

ACI Packet Forwarding: 15%

  • Explaining endpoint learning
  • Implementing the bridge domain configuration

External Network Connectivity: 20%

  • Implementing Layer 2 and Layer 3 Out

Integrations: 15%

  • Implementing service graph and VMware vCenter DVS integration
  • Explaining resolution immediacy within VMM

ACI Management: 20%

  • Implementing in-band and out-of-band, configuration backup, AAA and RBAC
  • Utilizing SNMP and Syslog services
  • Configuring upgrades

ACI Anywhere: 10%

  • Explaining multipod and multisite

To clear the Cisco 300-625 exam, the test takers need to develop competency in the following sections:

Deployment: 15%

  • Describing initial setup and installation
  • Explaining secure boot

Implementation: 35%

  • Implementing fiber Channel-Port Channels and Fibre Channel protocol services
  • Implementing FCoE, VSANs, NPV and NPIV, VSAN extensions, and device aliases & zoning
  • Configuring Inter-VSAN routing

Management and Monitoring: 25%

  • Configuring DCNM, RBAC, and Fibre Channel fabric security
  • Implementing SAN telemetry streaming
  • Explaining slow drain analysis

MDS Troubleshooting: 25%

  • Troubleshooting Fibre Channel domains & duplicate domain ID
  • Troubleshooting zoning & zone merge failure, and boot & upgrade issues

The 300-635 exam encompasses the following topics:

Network Programmability Foundation: 10%

  • Utilizing standard version control operations with git
  • Explaining API styles characteristics
  • Explaining the problems faced and patterns utilized when using APIs asynchronously and synchronously
  • Interpreting the Python scripts with data types, conditions, functions, etc.
  • Explaining the Python virtual environments benefits
  • Explaining the network configuration tools benefits

Controller-Based Data Center Networking: 30%

  • Describing ACI target policy, ACI application hosting capabilities, etc.
  • Constructing the Python script to create application policies with ACI REST API and ACI Cobra SDK
  • Constructing Ansible playbooks to create application policies
  • Leveraging an API inspector for REST API calls bade by ACI GUI

Data Center Device-Centric Networking: 30%

  • Explaining Day 0 provisioning using NX-OS
  • Implementing On-Box and Off-Box Programmability & Automation with NX-OS, etc.

Data Center Compute: 30%

  • Configuring Cisco UCS with the developer tools
  • Explaining the abilities of DCNM API
  • Identifying steps within the Intersight API authentication approach, etc.

Career Opportunities

The job titles that the certified professionals can take up include a Network Engineer, a Senior Network Engineer, a Junior Network System Administrator, a Help Desk Support Technician, a Senior Information Technology Network Engineer, and a Network Operation Engineer, among others. As for the salary potential, the average income of the certificate holders amounts to between $57,000 and $132,000 per annum.

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Cisco CCNP Data Center Certification Exam Practice Test Questions, Cisco CCNP Data Center Certification Practice Test Questions and Answers

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