In this live, instructor-led training course, students who already have a programming background will learn to program in Python. Attendees will learn: how Python works and its place in the world of programming languages; to work with and manipulate strings; to perform math operations; to work with Python sequences; to collect user input and output results; flow control processing; to write to, and read from, files; to write functions; to handle exception; and work with dates and times.

Students new to the Python language who already have experience with other programming languages.

This course is specially designed for individuals with prior programming background. You should also have a working knowledge of Object Oriented Programming concepts.

Course Outline

1 – Setting Up Python and Developing a Simple Application

Set Up the Development EnvironmentWrite Python StatementsCreate a Python ApplicationPrevent Errors

Vital Python – Math, Strings, Conditionals, and Loops
Vital Python
Numbers: Operations, Types, and Variables
To Open a Jupyter Notebook
Python as a Calculator
Standard Math Operations
Basic Math Operations
Order of Operations
Spacing in Python
Number Types: Integers and Floats
Complex Number Types
Errors in Python

Variable Assignment
Changing Types
Reassigning Variables in Terms of Themselves
Variable Names
Multiple Variables
Theorem in Python

Strings: Concatenation, Methods, and input()
String Syntax
Escape Sequences with Quotes
Multi-Line Strings
The print() Function
String Operations and Concatenation
String Interpolation
Comma Separators
The len() Function
String Methods
The input() Function
String Indexing and Slicing

Strings and Their Methods
Booleans and Conditionals
Logical Operators
Comparison Operators
Comparing Strings
The if Syntax
if else
The elif Statement
The while Loops
An Infinite Loop
The for Loop
The continue Keyword

Python Structures
The Power of Lists
List Methods
Accessing an Item from a List
Adding an Item to a List
Dictionary Keys and Values
a List and a Dictionary
Zipping and Unzipping Dictionaries Using zip()
Dictionary Methods
A Survey of Sets
Set Operations
Choosing Types

Executing Python – Programs
Algorithms, and Functions
Python Scripts and Modules
Shebangs in Ubuntu
The if __name__ == “__main__” Statement
Basic Functions
Positional Arguments
Keyword Arguments
Iterative Functions
Exiting Early
Activity 10: The Fibonacci Function with an Iteration
Helper Functions
Don’t Repeat Yourself
Variable Scope
Defining inside versus outside a Function
The Global Keyword
The Nonlocal Keyword
Lambda Functions
Mapping with Lambda Functions
Filtering with Lambda Functions
Sorting with Lambda Functions

Extending Python, Files, Errors, and Graphs
Reading Files
Writing Files
the Date and Time in a Text File


Duration: 7 Weeks

Price: 160,000

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