IBM SPSS is a statistics and data analysis program for businesses, governments, research institutes, and academic organizations. In these tutorials, Expert tutors at Megatek Ict Academy takes a practical, visual, and non-mathematical approach to SPSS. From importing spreadsheets to creating regression models, to exporting charts, this course covers all the basics, with an emphasis on clarity, interpretation, communicability, and application. We will help you:
-Build charts, scatterplots, and box plots
-Calculate descriptive statistics such as means and standard deviations
-Use inferential statistics such as t-tests and chi-squares
-Enter and read data
-Create new variables and cross tabulations
-Model associations with correlations, contingency tables, and multiple-regression analysis
-Format and export presentations to share your data


The goal of the course is to increase knowledge and requisite skills of participants on the use of SPSS and to enable them make the most of this powerful software package while allowing them to work independently with SPSS on their own data and provide a solid foundation for advanced data analysis work.

Who should attend?

This course is recommended for those who require knowledge on SPSS or Students and researchers in academics or industry practitioners familiar with statistical processes, Develop skills on the fundamentals of using SPSS and basic experience with Windows operating system is needed prior to attending.

Course outline

What is SPSS?
Entering Data
Manipulating Data
Summary Statistics
Inferential Statistics: Association
Inferential Statistics: Mean Differences
Inferential Statistics: Non-Parametric tests
Exporting & Reporting

Duration: 2 weeks


Batch A: 3rd – 14th April

Fee:  55,000.00

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