IT Skills and Tech Skills for 2022

Life after the pandemic has seen rise in remote working and has resulted in a digital transformation for many companies. Along with these advances in technology comes a greater demand for IT and Tech skills. Get ahead of the game and make sure you know what your employer is looking for. We’ve put together the top IT and tech skills for 2022 that will help you stand out from other candidates.

Software Development

With the ever-changing tech world, software developers will become invaluable to companies that are following the trends. The main skill you need to become a software developer is a programming language. Some of the most popular programming languages include Python and Java. Investing your time and energy into learning multiple languages will help open doors and opportunities when it comes to securing the roles you want.

Data Management

89% of IT decision-makers said their organisations should increasingly prioritise data governance/responsibility initiatives, meaning roles in data management will become increasingly vital to businesses to help them make more informed decisions and optimise operations. The ability to collect, organise, protect, and store data will always be a key skill for any employer.

Business Analysis

Gaining an in depth understanding of business analytics will help you become more attractive to employers. If you can analyse data, you can help a company boost processes, drive strategy, and run a more cost-effective business, this skill is key to helping any companies’ overall revenue.

Artificial Intelligence

2021 saw a rise in companies’ experimentation phase of AI. As we head into 2022 AI will become the norm and critical to any company’s success helping to provide insights for customers, partners, and employees in real time.

Cloud Computing

According to LinkedIn, cloud computing skills were among the top three most in-demand skills for employers in the past three years. Cloud services enabled businesses to allow their employees to work from home, and all the major cloud providers saw significant revenue growth and will continue to do so through 2022.

User Experience

As the field adapts and evolves with technological advancements, the demand for UX designers will continue to grow. With the future of UX set to become more specialised now is a great time to expand your skill set and diversify your expertise.


As a result of the pandemic online shopping and ecommerce has grown significantly. According to an article in Business Insider, E-commerce sales hit a record in 2020, signalling the potential for a trillion-dollar year in 2022.

Project Management

According to the Project Managers Institute the demand over the next 10 years for project managers is growing faster than demand for workers in other occupations. Becoming a PM will require you to wear multiple hats and take on several roles for a project to be a success. To succeed there are some small changes you can make in order to excel in your role.

Cyber Security

Due to the rising number of devices connected to the internet for remote work there has been a rise in cybercrime. This means companies are urgently looking to advance their cybersecurity measures and are therefore increasing the demand for cybersecurity experts. By 2025, 40% of boards of directors will have a dedicated cybersecurity committee overseen by a qualified board member.

IT Support

It is not vital to have qualifications in IT but it can help, especially as it is becoming more of a high demand job with a lot of competition for candidates. Employers will often look for a candidate with experience in the programs and packages they use such as Microsoft, Windows or Oracle. If you are looking for a role in IT support there are many qualifications you can attain to become a qualified IT support technician