When you gather data from different sources, you probably can have duplicate values. You need to remove the duplicate values before going further with the analysis.

Look at the following data where you have information about various products of various brands. Suppose, you want to remove duplicates from this data.

  • Click the table.
  • On the DESIGN tab, click Remove Duplicates in the Tools group on the Ribbon. The Remove Duplicates dialog box appears.

The column headers appear under columns in the Remove Duplicates dialog box.

  • Check the column headers depending on which column you want to remove the duplicates and click OK.

You will get a message on how many rows with duplicate values are removed and how many unique values remain. The cleaned data will be displayed in the table

Convert to Range

You can convert a table to a Range.

  • Click the table.
  • Click Convert to Range in the Tools group, under the Design tab on the Ribbon.

You will get a message asking you if you want to convert the table to a Range. After you confirm with Yes, the table will be converted to Range.

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