Table Name

Excel assigns a name to every table that is created.

Step 1 − To look at the name of the table you just created, click table, click on table tools – design tab on the Ribbon.

Step 2 − In the Properties group, in the Table Name box, your Table Name will be displayed.

Step 3 − You can edit this Table Name to make it more meaningful to your data.

Step 4 − Click the Table Name box. Clear the Name and type Emp_Data.

Note − The syntax rules of range names are applicable to table names.

Managing Names in a Table

You can manage table names just similar to how you manage range names with Name Manager.

  • Click the Table.
  • Click Name Manager in the Defined Names group on the Formulas tab.

The Name Manager dialog box appears and you can find the Table Names in your workbook.

You can Edit a Table Name or add a comment with the new option in the Name Manager dialog box. However, you cannot change the range in Refers to.

You can Create Names with column headers to use in formulas, charts, etc.

  • Click the Column Header EmployeeID in the Table.
  • Click Name Manager.
  • Click New in the Name Manager dialog box.

The New Name dialog box appears.

In the Name box, you can find the Column Header, and in the Reference box, you will find Emp_Data[[#Headers],[EmployeeID]].

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