Irrespective of the type of the industry, Project Management is an integral factor which decides the success or the failure of a project. Nowadays, more and more organizations across the globe are looking for project management practitioners who are not only talented and experienced but also hold relevant certifications. There are various project management certifications available in the market and PMP Certification is one among them. Through this article, I will tell you the Top 10 Reasons to get PMP certified.

1. Boosts up your salary
“You don’t get paid for the hour but for the value, you bring to the hour”

A PMP certified project manager earns up to 20% more than a non-PMP. The initial salary of the project managers having PMP certification is around 115,000 USD a year which obviously will grow with time and better performance. With PMP certification, underemployment doesn’t even count, rather it’s more likely that you will get overpaid for your job.

2. Gives you a Platform for Worldwide Recognization

“Don’t work for recognition but do work for worthy recognition”

The expectations from a project manager vary with the change in the demographics, cultures, and industries. Since PMP Certification is considered to be the proof of your professional achievement globally, you do not have to worry about anything. PMP certification gives you the freedom of working anywhere in the world. It demonstrates the expertise and skill-set level in project management which will immediately capture the attention of the employer. There are more than 833k active credential holders throughout the world and with this number, you can easily guess how people are competing with each other to reach the top.

3. Provides you an edge over non-PMPs

“The Secret of getting ahead is getting certified”

What I mean is, with the understanding of the need for project management, there has been a growing demand of project managers across the industries. Over the past few years, PMP certification has become the golden standard and holds a high level of prestige within the project management and IT community. The PMP certified project managers are believed to have an advanced set of quality skills for ensuring a successful project. So, with the PMP certificate in your bag, you can definitely kick the non-PMPs out of the league.

4. Upgrades your leadership quality

“Leadership is not a title or a position but an action and an example”

As a project manager, you are required to bring your team members as a single entity. You must identify their strengths and weaknesses in order to fit them together, to complete the project. Project Managers are considered to be at the top of their game in meeting deadlines while containing costs and earning the admiration of their team as well as the management. With this, you will learn various leadership styles, which you can apply according to your project needs or requirements. 

5. Makes you more responsible

“With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibilities”

A Project Manager is the key person of a project with the highest authority. The successful completion of a project along with the responsibility of meeting all the requirements of the stakeholders also falls on him. The PMP Certification will help you in gaining necessary insight and help you see the upcoming requirements from the very beginning and avoid any unnecessary hindrances in the successful completion of a project. Also, with better decision making, communications, team engagement, and processes, as well as the ability to gain management buy-in for projects, you will be playing a vital role in your organization.

6. Refines your problem-solving skills

“A problem is a chance to do your best”

When you are the best, people will approach you to get the expert advice. PMP certification is proof of your expertise on project management, so you will automatically gain the title of the problem solver. While leading a project you will be trusted with solving complex problems on a daily basis. With PMP certification, you will be learning various imaginative & innovative problem-solving techniques & strategies which will ensure the success of the project.

7. Gives the Opportunity of Continuous Learning

“Success in management needs learning as fast as the world is changing ”

Therefore, continuous learning becomes the key to successful project management. Being a project manager, you will develop vivid knowledge which can be exchanged with the organization & people, to ascertain continuous success. With more project hands in your hand, it will help you widen your area of expertise as different projects require different approaches, technology, and skills. Moreover, when you get PMP certified, you, by default become a PMI member which increases your access to professional development opportunities. With this, you will also enhance your performance and marketability.

8. Enhances Risk Management Skills

“Take Calculated Risks, because its something which brings the Impact”

Now, a risk is something which is uncertain and unpredictable. It might or might not occur during a project. But in case it does, it can leave a positive or negative effect on your project. Being a PMP certified project manager, you will have advanced risk management skills which will help you in identifying and assessing the potential risks, mitigating threats and capitalizing on opportunities. With this skill, you can enhance and protect the requirements of your organization. This takes your product quality up by a notch which obviously is beneficial for you, your team as well as the organization.

9. Improves Team Work And People Orientation

“Teamwork divides the Work and Multiplies the Success”

One of the crucial factors that decide the success or failure of a project is Teamwork. Being a project manager, it’s a given that you will be always surrounded by the people. So the responsibility of managing them as a team and leading them towards the same goal will fall on you. Being a certified Project Manager, you will have the best skills in the market to communicate and manage others to get your work done, not by forcing them but making it their will to do so. In other words, you will be the driving force behind your team which will lead to a successful project.

10. Utility Across Various Industries

“Go Where Your Dreams Take You”

If you are a firm believer of this, then PMP Certification is definitely for you. One of the major advantages of PMP certification is that it is not restricted to any specific industry or sector. With this, you get the liberty to work for any industry of your preference; be it in IT, healthcare, aerospace, defense, government etc. Once you are PMP certified, chances of landing on to your dream job increase drastically. Not only this but being PMP certified also exposes you to various work scenarios and helps you in maintaining your PDU’s.

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