AutoCAD Mechanical 2021 is the latest release of the AutoCAD and today we are talking about some of the latest features on the software.

AutoCAD Mechanical 2021 toolset provides a set of enhancements based on customer feedback, surveys, and analytic data that prioritize our efforts. Several features modernize and streamline frequently used features across many customer disciplines. The drawing format for this release has been upgraded to AutoCAD Mechanical 2021. For developers, this is an API-breaking release.

ISO and DIN Standard Revision Update for Weld Symbols

The welding symbol has been updated in AutoCAD Mechanical 2021 toolset to support the latest ISO and DIN standard revisions (ISO 2553:2013 and DIN EN ISO 2553:2014). The changes include the revision of the elementary and supplementary symbols, and the new weld notation (Distance between two points). The multi-reference line support is also added to the latest revision.

With the added support to the new ISO and DIN standard revisions, you can annotate documents created in AutoCAD Mechanical toolset using the latest revisions of the welding standards. Although, you can use the latest revisions in new documents, AutoCAD Mechanical toolset will continue to support the legacy revisions to allow documents created in previous releases to be opened, edited, and saved. Note: Saving the new revision of weld symbols in an older file format converts the weld symbol to a block.

Options Dialog Box

In AutoCAD Mechanical toolset, the new ISO and DIN standard revisions are the default standards for a new drawing. When you open a legacy drawing, the default standard is changed to the old standard revision. You can change the standard revision in the Options dialog box.

Weld Symbol Settings Dialog Box

You can now see the new revision in the Weld Symbol Settings dialog box. The corresponding welding and backing symbols are also listed in the Symbol filter.

Weld Symbol Dialog Box

In the Weld Symbol dialog box, you can see the following changes:

  • New controls for multi-reference line support
  • Distance palette options
    • Intermittent weld
    • Distance between 2 points
  • New weld and backing symbols in the Symbol palette

Properties Palette

All weld symbol properties are displayed and can be changed in the Properties palette.

Icon Refresh

The icons in frequently used palettes and dialog boxes have been refreshed to support 4K resolution and show optimum contrast.

Other Enhancements

  • Layergroup Layergroups can now be created with names containing special characters such as ()[]{}#$%&+@^.
  • Dimension Working with automatic dimensions no longer causes an error.
  • Weld Symbol
    • Weld symbol with multiple branches can now be created and edited without causing an error.
    • All weld symbol properties can now be edited from the Properties palette.
    • The geometry of the welding symbol does not show any difference if the edit operation is cancelled.
  • Simple Weld The simple weld can now be edited correctly using AMPOWEREDIT.
  • Content Content can now be edited using the family table without causing an error.
  • System Variable The FIELDEVAL system variable does not voluntarily change its value after publish operation.
  • Dynamic Blocks Changes to the dynamic blocks are immediately reflected in the drawing.
  • Leader Note The text height of a leader note now displays the correct value when the border scale is more than 1:10.
  • PDF Import Working with the PDF Import dialog box options no longer displays an error.
  • Fit or Tolerance Limits and fits for M3 tolerance now display the correct values.
  • Surface Texture Symbol The surface texture symbol now stays associated when a drawing is re-opened after saving to older file format.
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