Java is a purely general-purpose programming language, and PHP is typically a server-side scripting language. Java can support both server-side and client-side language, whereas PHP only supports server-side language. Any Java code needs to be compiled properly before execution, and it’s a strongly typed language, whereas PHP kind of dynamically typed language where the compilation of code is not required. Regarding application security and architecture concepts Java is far better than PHP at any point in time.

Let us study about Java and PHP in detail.

PHP is mainly considering server site script programming, which anyone can able to write; maximum web hosting companies are using Apache server/PHP. Where Java programming can’t be able to write by anyone, a detailed understanding is required for writing the code in Java. PHP does not follow any application server concept; it just has one PHP Engine which runs .php file easily. Whereas for Java application, it should need to deploy any web application server as a WAR or EAR file. JSP engine is only used to display the page, WAR or EAR file contains all the required .class file or JAR libraries or JSP pages.

As the WAR or EAR file normally contains the .class file, it is not possible to read that file easily, verities tools are there to convert from .class to Java, but it did not come in proper code format. Whereas PHP is very easy to read, if anyone tracks the deployment environment, he can easily view PHP files or replace them same. Java also has a servlet filter concept which helps to rectify requests or advance user define security, whereas PHP doesn’t have this kind of concept.

Below is the top 4 comparison Between Java vs PHP

Key Differences between Java and PHP

Below is the Some list of points that explained the key difference between Java vs PHP

  1. Java needs an Application Server, JVM, any operating system, a web server to run any application. Whereas PHP needs only Apache Server/IIS, PHP Engine, Operating System, Web Server to run.
  2. Application security is one of the key points of any Java Application. Servlet filter, URL encoding, Secure Web Services are mostly using in Java for an application security perspective. Whereas PHP doesn’t have a concept of this kind of security handling.
  3. Java is very much easy to communicate with any API, which preferring Java for any future automates tool development. Whereas PHP has some restrictions in the concept of API calls, but API calling is also possible through PHP in the upper version.
  4. Java has reflection concept internally from the first day onwards, like Interface, repetitive classes, Abstract Class, or methods concepts. Whereas PHP doesn’t have this kind of concept, but PHP advance version introducing the same which not much advance like Java.
  5. In the case of page loading timing consideration, PHP pages are somehow faster than JSP pages. The number of tasks defined for the PHP engine are very much lesser than the JSP engine. Still, Java has many performance tuning options; one of the biggest ways to improve page loading performance is not writing any business logic or core java code inside the JSP pages. Normally using tag library (example JSTL) for handling this purpose.
  6. As PHP is very easy to learn, it obviously low cost in terms of support and resource availability. Whereas Java is maintaining a higher cost obviously than PHP.
  7. Several open popular page design tool like Drupal and WordPress has written in PHP. Java is normally not that popular in the page design tool, whereas Java is mainly popular for those tools concentrating on business logic or Object presentation concept.
  8. Updating the PHP version is very easy; just adding ‘Hello Web 2.0’ well enough to update the version of any PHP page.
  9. Managing or updating JSP pages is not a very tough task to do, but written complex logic people should have an entire knowledge of Java Programming. Whereas the modification of PHP pages is very easy to do, any designer or HTML developer can do it.

Java vs PHP Comparison Table

Below are the lists of points; describe the comparisons:

BASIS of Comparison JavaPHP
Object ConceptJava is following the object-oriented concept. So entire architecture always well defined.PHP could not follow this kind of concept; it’s simple a server-side scripting language that doesn’t have any binding to follow defined architecture.
Reflection ConceptJava has very well define reflection concepts like reusable classes, Interfaces, Abstract Class or methods.Long time PHP didn’t have any reflection concept, but from PHP 5.0 onwards, it has introduced this feature which not that much advance in comparison to Java.
Page loading SpeedIn the case of page loading speed, specifically some complex logic, Java will take a little more time compared to PHP.PHP page loading speed is always higher than Java, as PHP engine doesn’t take a big load like JSP engine. So that whereas complex logic requires some public viewable data organization prefers to use PHP.
ScopeRequest, Session, Page, ContextPage, Session, Request


So concluding all aspects, Java vs PHP is totally following some different approaches in developing and deploying any web application. The maximum organization, mainly banking, procurement, or other important domain, always prefer to use Java due to security constraints and friendly to use any external or third-party API. Whereas PHP is mainly used for normal web designing screens where minimum database access is required for a dynamic view or admin management. PHP is always a low-cost investment, so it is always preferable for a small organization to start one simple web page, which helps them start their initial business. After clouding came into the market, especially like AWS, which also provides a lot of options to minimize cost on using Java platform, attract small or starting organizations, and use Java platform at minimum cost and give best services.

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