If you are a Microsoft Project user, you’re going to be as excited as we are about the latest updates for Project 2019 you can quickly learn to use its great new features.

Microsoft Project is a program that allows you to manage all of the tasks for your business in one central location. With the release of Project Professional 2019, Microsoft has added several new features that improve user experience and the program’s capabilities. 30 Bird has updated our instructional guides to include all of the latest developments so that you can make the most of them.

New features include:

  • No more having to remember task ID’s! In the new version of Project, you can select a previously used task from a pull-down list, a change that eliminates one of the biggest hassles in the program.
  • A new Task Summary Name field makes it easier to keep up with long lists of tasks. The purpose of this new addition is to help you to see the structure of your project more clearly.
  • Timeline bars to help you visualize the timeline of a project.
  • Task progress bars show how far along you are on each task and how far you have left to go.
  • Accessibility improvements make Project 2019 more compatible with assistive technology. Now, Windows Narrator and other assistive programs will have an easier time reading the elements of Project. They have also improved keyboard support and contrast.

You can seamlessly incorporate these new features into your workplace with 30 Bird’s ShortTrack reference cards for Project 2019. By putting information about the changes on a single, easy-to-read card, we remove the difficulty from adjusting to program updates.

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