hether you’re new to vector, or you’re an existing Adobe Illustrator user expanding your vector horizons, learning the basic tools of CorelDRAW is a worthy task. The best way to acquire skills is by joining CorelDraw classes in Megatek ICT Academy where you will use different features and tools of CorelDRAW software. With this tool, you will learn how to use this vector-illustration and page-layout application to present objects, layers, and pages in an effective and presentable form. A huge assortment of fonts, clip art, and editing tools enables the user to create logos, brochures, website graphics, illustrations and other artwork. To speed up your work can also learn to memorize CorelDraw shortcut that you can learn in Corel Shortcut set. In this blog, we are going to talk about two important tools.

The Eyedropper and Paint bucket tools work together to make adding color fills quick and easy. You use the Eyedropper tool to sample or pick up the desired color, fountain, pattern or texture from an object that’s already filled. Paintbucket tool is used to apply the color, pattern, or texture to fill a different object.

What is Eyedropper tool?

Eyedroppers toolsare mostly used for picking the colors and collect the sample of colors, the eyedropper tool in CorelDRAW can sample a lot more properties besides the color and such as applied the line style, skew, rotation, effects applied to the object and fonts for text objects and the main purpose of the Eyedropper tool is that pick the color hue and saturation. And the same uses of this tool in Adobe’s Software. And no there in this software short command of Eyedropper tool.

Eyedropper Paintbucket Tools in CorelDraw

How to use the Eyedropper and paint bucket tool menu?

These tools will permit you to copy properties from one object to another. Click on an object A with the eyedropper tool to sample its properties collect the sample and next take the paint bucket tool and click on another object B to transfer the A sampled to applied the properties to B.

Use of Eyedropper and Paintbucket  Tool
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  • Although eyedroppers tools in graphics software are mostly used to sample colors, the eyedropper tool in CorelDRAW can sample a lot more properties besides color; such as line style, skew, rotation, effects applied  to the object and fonts for text objects.
  • You can select the properties which are sampled and transferred with the active property bar.

A quicker way to transfer some basic properties from one object to another is to right click on object A and while holding the right mouse button, drag and drop object A on object B. When you release the right mouse button a menu will appear with a few options select “copy fill here”, “copy outline here” or copy all properties” to transfer fill, outline or all properties respectively from     object A to object B.

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