Welcome to another Megatek ICT Academy Tutorial, Today we are going to be talking about list Bullet List and Numbered List.

What are Lists?

Lists are used to enumerate items.

 Types of List

List are divided into 2 in MS word Bullet List and Numbered List

Bullet List

They are list that are used to enumerate objects, there are a few types of list we can pick from, in another tutorial we are going to talk on how we can create our own list.

How to use Bullet List

Follow the steps below to use bullet list; there are two ways we can do that.


Click on the type of bullet list you want to use first before typing

To enter another list all you need to do is press the enter key.


Another way we can use list is by typing what we want to enumerate and highlighting them and using the list of our choice

If you followed any of the two steps you would have a similar result.

Numbered List

Just like Bullet list, Numbered list is used to enumerate items but this time instead of using symbols we use Numbers, Alphabets and Roman Numerals. The same way you do the Bullet list is the same way we would do the Numbered List.

The same steps used in creating Bullet list are applicable when using Numbered List.


The beauty of using list is that the moment you type the first item on the list and press the enter key another list automatically pops up, to stop the list press the enter key twice. You can watch the video on our website.

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