Most tech trend reports tend to focus on concepts that are likely to break through in the next ten or fifteen years. They offer an inspiring vision of the future, but rarely help with your most pressing tech-related challenges today and over the next couple of years. To fill that need, we’ve created our no-nonsense, down-to-earth tech trend report.

Megatek ICT Academy Tech Trends 2022 report takes a look at some of the most important developments, innovations and trends in the technology, IT and software landscape that actually matter in the daily life and work of software engineers, data scientists and architects.

The report will first highlight three key trends that we’ve identified as the most significant and pervasive drivers of change within the tech domain today and over the next few years. These are followed by more detailed trends within seven specific focus areas, and, last but not least, we’ll cover three developments that will shape the tech community itself.

The big four

What’s what in tech right now? First, let’s focus on four of the most important and far-reaching technology trends for the next two years.

Data engineering

After the artificial intelligence and machine learning wave, companies are waking up to the reality of having to harness their data and get it ready to use and deliver tangible business benefits.

MLOps and DataOps

DevOps is expanding over to the machine learning, data science and data engineering domain, enabling them to use the same tried and tested agile tools and methods in extracting data, building models and running deployment cycles.

No-code and low-code

No-code and low-code platforms are growing more popular. This affects web, mobile and cloud development by offering a new, more efficient way to implement services and integrations.

Data mesh

As the volume of data in organisations is exploding, new data management practices emerge. Data mesh is trending new paradigm and a novel way of thinking about data and analytics.

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